Children have a special part to play in the church family at SMB. We want children here to know that they are part of God's family. Each child is valuable and we love welcoming new families into SMB. Our regular Whole Church services are a great place for adults and children to come and be all together as we learn from each other. Children’s Church is an exciting place where we learn together what it means to follow Jesus. In all the children’s work we do, we want to be ‘Growing Together - playing our part in God’s plan’.


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The Children's Church 'signing in' desk is open from 10am on Sunday mornings. We ask parents to sign their child into their group and take a numbered wristband which is kept by the parent and then given in to the group leader when collecting their child at the end of the morning. Children start off with their families in the main service and leave after singing one or two action songs with the adults. Children’s Church takes place in groups around the church building with their wonderful team of leaders. We believe this is the best way for us to disciple our children as we meet with them week by week and walk alongside them in their journey of faith.

In this time we share with and encourage our children to hear more about God’s heart for them and how they can know Him too. We do this using resources based on The Bible Curriculum which we adapt for our groups. Every academic year we work chronologically through the Bible to help children understand how the stories they hear fit together, as well as seeing how they are also a part of God’s big story.

For more information about what we are doing this term, check out our Children's Term Card.

Each week all the groups look at the same Bible story. Whilst Scramblers enjoys free play with a short story and activity time included, our older groups, Climbers and Explorers, have more structure built in. Each session involves a memory verse and activity, hearing a Bible story and making a craft. There might be games, drama or other exciting things along the way. Adventurers also have a Bible Story and activity with time for music and play. We hope that by each age group looking at the same topic each week, families can talk about it together, whatever groups the children are in.

At SMB we take the safety of our children seriously – you can find out more about our Safeguarding Policy here
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When: Sundays
Time: 9.30am
Where: Kendall Hall, SMB
Age: Pre school


When: Sundays
Time: 9:30am
Where: Upper Room, SMB
Age: Reception - Year 2


When: Sundays
Time: 11:00am
Where: Upper Room, SMB

Age: Years 3 - 5


When: (from January)

Time: 10.30am, we normally head out of the service around 10.45

Where: The Prayer Room, SMB

Age: Year 6


When: Sundays

Time: 10.30am, we normally head out of the service around 10.45

Where: Committee Room, SMB

For: Children with Additional Needs


Here at SMB we want to help families grow together in their love for God and understanding of their faith. Here are a few of the links that we particularly love.
Growing Together

This is our own booklet which contains  all of our favourite resources.

Stand Together

New Wine Album which includes versions of 'adult' songs aswell

Jesus Storybook Bible

A lovely Bible to use with children including beautiful images and child-friendly language

Action Bible Devotional

A devotional Bible to use with older children, including activies and questions


Listen to some of our favourite songs on the latest CD from New Wine Kids!