SMB Students is an undergraduate community following Jesus together, to become like Jesus, to do the things that He did. We do this through meeting together for worship and teaching and everything we do usually involves food. All undergraduates in Canterbury are most welcome to come and join us!


Stephen Carter


What's happening this term?

Sunday Lunches Hosting
(AM from 9.30; PM from 5:30)
Cooking Cleaning Thursday Nights Cooking Cleaning
15 Sept // Welcome to Canterbury (no lunch)       19 Sept // CU Freshers Events    
22 Sept // Student Lunch AM FF FF 26 Sept // Student Night FF FF
29 Sept // Student Lunch AM FF FF 3 Oct // Student Night FF FF
6 Oct // Student Lunch   FF FF 10 Oct // Student Night FF FF
13 Oct // Family Lunch       17 Oct // Student Night FF FF
20 Oct // Student Lunch PM FF FF 24 Oct // READING WEEK (no student night)    
25-27 Oct // SEBWA (no student lunch)       31 Oct // Small Group Night    
3 Nov // ‘Invite a friend’ to Student Lunch (Baptisms)   FF FF 7 Nov // What does the Bible have to say about Mental Health? FF FF
10 Nov // Student Lunch   FF FF 14 Nov // Student Night FF FF
17 Nov // Student Lunch PM FF FF 21 Nov // Student Night FF FF
24 Nov // Hospitality Sunday AM     28 Nov // Small Group Night    
1 Dec // Student Lunch   FF FF 5 Dec // Student Night FF FF
8 Dec // Student Christmas Lunch       12 Dec // Crazy Games Night FF FF


Sunday 'After Hours'
22 Sept // Student Small Group Leaders
29 Sept // Student Leaders Hub
6 Oct // FREE
13 Oct // Launched #1
20 Oct // Student Leaders Hub
25-27 Oct // FREE
3 Nov // FREE
10 Nov // Launched #2
17 Nov // Student Leaders Hub
24 Nov // Launched #3
1 Dec // Routed #1
8 Dec // Student Leaders Hub

Teaching // Romans: A life in Christ During this Autumn term we’re turning to one of the most profound books in existence, the Cathedral of the Christian faith and the Everest of biblical theology! Paul never planted the church in Rome but cared about it deeply. A church of Jews and Gentiles, slaves and free, it’s letter that’s relevant to all. What makes the Gospel so good and how will it change my life?

What does the Bible have to say about mental health? // On 7 November we’re excited to be doing a joint event with The Tap with teaching from Rachael Newham, founder of ‘Think Twice’ and author of Learning to Breathe. To sign up to the Mental Health evening, please fill out the form below:

Dietary Requirements:


Launched // Jesus is the Lord of all things, life with him brings focus, colour, and energy – to the extraordinary and the ordinary in uni life. So, what would it look like to see a generation of students who love God and love people, in and through the whole of their uni lives? Through their degrees, on their sports teams, in church small groups and student houses, on nights out, and by doing the washing up…? Launched is designed to inspire you to engage with God in the whole uni experience, and to see him at work there too. This will be aimed at Fresher’s but open to all.

Routed // For those of you graduating this year, the move from university into work holds some of the greatest challenges and greatest opportunities in our lives. Even small adjustments made during these transition times act like the needle of a compass, setting a good course of relationship with God for decades to come. Through the year we’ll be having four sessions preparing you for life post-uni, laying out biblical mindsets and practical steps for whole-life discipleship.

Student Leaders Hub // Is God calling you as a leader? You may not have realised this or are only beginning to consider what this means and how God is using you to influence others around you now and in the future. Maybe you’re on a CU committee or serve somewhere within the life of SMB. This will be the third iteration of this group, so if you’re interested speak with Stephen.

Baptisms // 10:30 Sunday 3 November Would you like to be baptised or reaffirm your baptism vows? We’re going to be filling up the baptistry so if you’re interest speak with Stephen to find out more. This will be a great event to invite friends to and stay on for Student Lunch.

Food // We love eating together and learning to cook together too! Cooking is done in Small Groups on a rota and only the best ‘choons’ in the background. Watch out for the food hygiene training coming soon!
Student Ministry Team // Stephen Carter, Chloe Baxter, Ben Gould, Nathan Marsh, Jacob Nicholson, Katherine Turner


We start with dinner at 6.30pm to get to know each other and catch up. Then we head upstairs to spend some time in worship, hearing and learning from God’s word, a chance to wait on his Spirit and to begin to apply the teaching we’ve learnt in small groups. 

When: Thursdays (during term-time)

Time: 6:30pm – 9.30pm

Where: SMB, 59 Nunnery Fields, CT1 3JN


Regularly after morning service during term-time we turn the Link into our own massive dining room and have some good grub together to build relationships and catch up with each other.

When: Sundays (term-time)

Time: after the 10.30am service

Where: SMB, 59 Nunnery Fields, CT1 3JN


Once or twice a term we like to send the students to visit different families around the church so that they can get to know other people in the church family. This is always a really fun time and some good friendships have been built. 

When: Sundays

Time: After the 10:30am service

Where: Homes with a sofa